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Your hosts are Spyros and Vivi, the owners of the house.

Spyros is a landscape designer and Vivi is a preschool teacher. They live and work in Rhodes for the past 25 years.

Spyros is a agriculture engineer and landscape designer by profession and an amateur artist, woodworker   and  general  tinker.  The garden of course is designed and constructed by him, but he also designed the house and interior decoration. He has also constructed most of the interior, some of the furniture and some of the paintings and sculpture that decorates the house.

Vivi is a preschool teacher and has equipped the house with toys, books, painting and other crafting materials in organized spaces, for the children to spend time in a creative way, develop skills and spend quality time with their family.
Thank you for considering renting our house. You will be able to reach us in person or by telephone and by email throughout your stay for any kind of assistance.

Your privacy is respected , we will never intrude and we are always available for any assistance , informations or recommendations.

We can recomend you the hidden gems of the island, beautifull places out of the beaten track and the mass tourism industry.










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